The Greater Lafayette Study Club began with an initial kick off dinner in September of 2006. Through our affiliation with the Seattle Study Club, it is our hope to provide more organization and structure to the educational experience for the dentists in the Greater Lafayette area.

The original Seattle Study Club was started in 1992. Dr. Michael Cohen is the founder of the Seattle Study Club. After completion of his graduate training, Dr. Michael Cohen began a private practice in Seattle, Washington and initiated a study club. The concept and format of this study club evolved into a highly successful program that includes case presentations, nationally renowned speakers and clinical sessions. The goal being an increase in the general level of knowledge for the dentists involved and a benefit to the patient in a more comprehensive approach to care.

The Seattle Study Club became an “overnight success” that took Dr. Michael Cohen 15 Years to develop and perfect. Based on a model he created and continues to use in his own practice, today the Seattle Study Club consists of over 215 active and energetic specialists across the United States, Canada and Australia, all with their own affiliated study clubs.

These doctors and the members of their clubs are dedicated to the advancement of team treatment planning and total case management as the ultimate tool for achieving ideal comprehensive care. They have also committed themselves to excellence in their profession, and in the management of their practices.

The reputation of this organization and the number of members allows for a strong network and proven approach to continuing education. In addition to our local study club meetings, there are national meetings that are available for directors, coordinators, members and staff to attend.

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information among colleagues that will lead to an elevation in the knowledge and skills of the art and science of dentistry.

The ultimate objective of this interaction being an improvement in the diagnosis, treatment planning, therapy and oral health for the population of Lafayette, Indiana and surrounding communities.